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About Joel Vallie

Joel Vallie a Chicano (Mexican born in the United States) who lived in Saltillo, Mexico a good part of his life making films, commercials, TV shows and music videos. Joel Vallie first started making short comedy skits on VHS as a kid. During his teenage years, he made a couple of funny shorts but got his first break when he wrote and directed a TV pilot for a show in Mexico called La Church. That opened up the doors for him to film his first feature, a low budget film titled Corazon de Campeon.

After the success of his first film Joel would set out to write and direct his next Film Beautiful Prison, After Production he would move back to the United States and currently lives in Albuquerque New Mexico. Beautiful Prison hits Theaters July 12 2016. Joel is also the founder of a live TV show on Comcast called MEDIA GLITCH where he reviews video games.